Issue 1 of the IJPHA featuring Palmarosa

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Palmarosa (Cymbopogon martinii) is another example of a versatile essential oil that seems somewhat undervalued in aromatherapy, perhaps due to poor coverage in books. It is not widely reported that this oil is a powerful antimicrobial that can also out-perform tea tree as an antifungal, making it perfect to treat athlete’s foot and other stubborn fungal infections. The powerful anti-viral properties of palmarosa could mean it is your best line of natural defence against Swine Flu, especially when blended with other antiviral oils such as Anise star (Illicium verum) and Ravensara (Ravensara aromatica).

–Excerpt from the  IJHPA Volume 1 Issue 1 Summer 2012-Palmarosa Essential Oil:  Versatile or Undervalued? by Geoff Lyth, FESIPF


One response to “Issue 1 of the IJPHA featuring Palmarosa

  1. margefromnaturesgift

    I’ve seen really good results dealing with Athlete’s foot (or solmething similar, never formally diagnosed) with a 5% dilution of Palma Rosa in Aloe Vera Gel.

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