Why Spiritually Sensitive Individuals Are More Prone to Emotional and Physical Weakness

Introduction                                                                                                                Having worked with thousands of spiritually conscious people over the course of my career, I have observed that they tend to be more susceptible to nerve weakness and physical hypersensitivity.  In concert, these serve as a matrix for complex forms of physical disharmony  that defy ready diagnosis. Accordingly, the collections of symptoms they present with seem to be a direct reflection of the complexity of the psycho-spiritual conflict between their spiritual yearning and the limitations imposed by the circumstances of their lives.

Thus, any effort to resolve the physical suffering of a spiritually sensitive individual which does not address the tensions within the underlying psycho-spiritual terrain is, at best, a half-measure and at worst, utterly futile.

In this article, I offer a hypothesis regarding the  spiritual consciousness/ physical-suffering conundrum, and then discuss one of the essential oils:  Clove (Syzygium aromaticum) that has relevance regarding soul-level disharmony in certain spiritual, sensitive, and physically vulnerable individuals.

Health challenges among mystics                                                                     Many of the notable ancient mystics suffered from poor health of which no obvious organic cause could be readily discerned. It has to be assumed that continual engagement with the high voltage of spiritual light exerted a tremendous strain on a nervous system that had become adapted in human beings to a life of perpetual striving rather than perpetual being.

Clearly, the crashing waves of daily stress batter the body and no aspect of human physiology is exempted from this erosion. However, the brain and the rest of the neuroendocrine system (i.e., the nervous system and network of hormone-secreting glands such as the thyroid and adrenal glands) constitute the front line troops that respond to this ceaseless assault.

Similarly, the brain and nervous system serve as the processing center and channels for the incoming sensations and information from the higher world. Though no less challenged by the assaults of modern existence than anyone else, the spiritual individual never completely turns off the tap of higher consciousness.

The neuroendocrine system of the spiritually sensitive individual, while defending against the challenges of daily survival, is simultan-eously drawn into the ongoing psycho-spiritual conflict between affirmation and negation of the mysterious force which masses just beyond the bounds of rational consciousness.

Ultimately, the wiring of the spiritual person’s body, not designed for such a load, frays. Accordingly, the various organ systems supplied by the neuroendocrine system decline in efficiency, giving rise to the often confounding mix of symptoms which the spiritually sensitive individual often presents with.

Spiritual PhytoEssencing and archetypal blending                                  The art of Spiritual PhytoEssencing that I have developed uses customized combinations of essential oils for deep soul-level healing work, which involves what I refer to as archetypal blending. The term “archetype” refers to a unique intangible construct of the soul that generates a characteristic pattern of perceptible emotional and physical expressions. In turn, these expressions—such as temperament, personality traits, reactional tendencies and diverse symptoms of dysfunction, such as anxiety, depression, chronic fatigue, stomach weakness, etc.—are considered to be archetypal images.

The premise of Spiritual PhytoEssencing is that in order to be able to ameliorate soul-level disharmony, the essential oil blender must engage with the archetypes embedded within the fabric of the soul rather than with the archetypal images which manifest as emotional and physical symptoms.

Read the full article by Bruce Berkowsky, NMD, MH, HMC in the Fall 2012 issue of the IJPHA.  Subscribe to the IJPHA at www.enhancedgifts.com


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