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Mango Seed Oil-True nectar from the seductive fruit


Mango Seed oil has a treasure-house of nutritional benefits including antioxidants, fatty acids and other health-supporting components. It is an excellent choice for skin care preparations aiding in hydration, elasticity and sun-protective qualities. Mangos have long been coined as the “Food of the Gods.” It is no wonder the heart of this fruit has so many heavenly, healing properties.

Fatty acids in Mango Seed oil                                                                Fatty acids are needed for the body’s health and play a key role in skin care.  They act as elemental building blocks in the lipid layers of the skin, thus retaining the skin’s moisture. Essential fatty acids is a term given to fatty acids that are not produced within the body, which are necessary for cellular health. Linoleic acid, for example, is classified as an essential fatty acid and contributes to healthy hair, skin and wound healing. A deficiency of linoleic acid or other fatty acids can lead to dry skin and a compromised skin barrier function. Conversely, linoleic acid supports sunburns and even mild cases of acne vulgaris by accelerating the regeneration of the skin barrier. Through integrated skin conversions, linoleic acid is responsible for tissue hormones that contribute to immune response, allergic reaction counteracts, anti-inflammatory action and wound healing support (Lautenschlager, 2003).

Youthful skin is smooth and plump, in part from healthy, hydrated cells. Fatty acids maintain the integrity of cellular walls which allows the transference of waste and water. Topical application of products containing essential fatty acids have been shown to benefit dry skin conditions, psoriasis and atopic eczema (Price and Price, 2008).

by Kc Rossi, Certified Aromatherapist

To read the full article including Kc’s recipe for a protective “Sun Balm” see the Summer 2013 issue of the International Journal of Professional Holistic Aromatherapy (IJPHA-Vol. 2, Issue 1).  Visit http://www.ijpha.com to subscribe.

Image: WikiMedia Commons/W.A. Djatmiko

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